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Dr. Crippen and his staff just completed sedated dental work on my 5 year old and I can finally breath after being anxious all week leading up to the visit.

Our family has been patients of his since my oldest was old enough to sit in his chair. The staff has always been so professional and sweet with my kids. I have 3 with all different personalities and comfort levels, Dr. Crippen and his staff have catered to my children’s needs over the years to make sure they feel safe and want to return.

In regards to today’s visit I felt it was important to share my experience because if there are any other anxious parents out there maybe reading this review will give you some comfort.

My husband and I were putting off our 5 year olds tooth extraction longer than we should because we didn’t feel comfortable with sedation. We finally had to schedule the appointment because my son got an infection. Dr. Crippens office got us in right away to take care of the infection and then immediately after for his extraction. We got a second opinion prior to and the other pediatric dentist was so cold and recommended a completely different plan than Dr. Crippen that seemed so aggressive. In the end we knew that Dr. Crippens office had our sons best interest.

Today my son and I showed up for his appointment and we’re greeted by a nurse and Dr. Crippen, they did a check up and proceeded to prepare him for sedation. I was so grateful that I got to be present for the initial shot that relaxed him so when it was time for me to hand him over it wasn’t traumatic (this was not common practice). I was updated by a staff member while I waited. Before I knew it he was done and I was able meet him in the recovery room. He was still sleeping when I saw him so I could be the first one he saw. The nurse and Dr. Crippen went over everything in great detail so I knew how to care for him. Dr. Crippen also went above and beyond and treated a cavity in his front tooth that we debated pulling. His front teeth look so good and I could of hugged the Dr when he came out and told me he took care of it! From there he helped me load my son in the car and we are home resting.

I can’t thank the entire Capital Pediactric Team enough for taking care of my son and easing my anxiety before during and after the visit. Dr Crippen is a highly capable and master of his craft. He will always take care of our family’s dental needs.

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Complete safety & Comfort

Sedation dentistry is not just for anxiety.

All of your dental work can be done in a single visit in a safe & fun environment.

This type of dentistry is great for those who have anxiety, a low pain threshold, can’t sit still in a dentist’s chair, someone with very sensitive teeth, those with a strong gag reflex or anyone needing an extensive amount of dental work. Patients with special needs due to physical, medical, developmental or cognitive issues also need and deserve special consideration.
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