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My 4 year old had IV sedation done this week and our experience was absolutely amazing.

Let me start with the fact that I have worked in general dentistry for the last 10 years and contemplating on if we should even do sedation and what dentist to have it done by was not taken lightly.

My daughter suffers from anxiety and she needed fillings in several teeth and a different pediatric dentist left her fearful of treatment.
I researched several pediatric DDS and decided to book a consult with Dr. Crippen  because of his advanced training, years of experience, equipment he uses to monitor the patients and his positive reviews online.

Consult day – I have to say that this office is one of the most professional offices I have been in. They run a smooth flow from front to back, are knowledgeable about your insurance, have a clean office and are very aware of providing patient privacy.

Dr Crippen himself is a very kind man and gentle with children. He paid attention to her body demeanor and knew how to handle her anxiety and not make her fearful. He was very informative of the treatment she needed and did not push sedation on us. We had plenty of time with him and did not feel rushed and he answered all of our questions.

I really wish I could remember his assistants name. She was younger and blonde and I must say she was absolutely amazing with my daughter. I have to say she is probably one of the best pediatric RDA I have come by in dentistry. After our consult my daughter picked up on the fact that we were talking about treatment and we needed to do updated xrays. So she of course started crying. His assistant handled her with ease and had her laughing in no time. She built a trusting relationship with my daughter and because of this my daughter was excited to go back and see her.

Treatment day – Basically you bring them in for a 7:30 appt and they take all their vitals in the waiting room. Dr Crippen will come out go over tx, answers questions and gives an injection that will make them loopy and tired and about 5 minutes later will bring them back for treatment. After the injection in the waiting room they will not remember anything. So because of this we just told our daughter it was pajama day at the dentist and she had a check up appointment like at her Dr office. She didn’t have any anxiety until needing the shot.
Once they brought her back she was done within an hour and taken into a recovery room which we were brought back to. Dr Crippen and his amazing RDA went over her treatment and post op instructions. Once home she slept until about 2:30 pm. I gave her some Motrin because her gums were a little sore but she thought it was just from brushing too hard the night before. I wouldn’t have chosen to do her treatment any other way. Getting it all done at once in a safe and caring environment was what we needed. I love this office and will continue to bring her here for cleanings and any future treatment.

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Complete safety & Comfort

Sedation dentistry is not just for anxiety.

All of your dental work can be done in a single visit in a safe & fun environment.

This type of dentistry is great for those who have anxiety, a low pain threshold, can’t sit still in a dentist’s chair, someone with very sensitive teeth, those with a strong gag reflex or anyone needing an extensive amount of dental work. Patients with special needs due to physical, medical, developmental or cognitive issues also need and deserve special consideration.
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