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Our office exceeds the safety standards mandated by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the Dental Board of California for safe performance of IV sedation in the dental office. Learn why our patients travel great distances for our specialized care.

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Meet mom, dad and gabby

Why We Chose Dr. Crippen

Gabby needed A LOT of dental work. In the past, she was very scared to take laughing gas and we didn’t want her to start fearing going to the dentist. Dr. Crippen suggested sedation to help her to feel more comfortable. We were concerned but decided that sedation was the best option. Here are highlights from our experience with Dr. Crippen and Capital Pediatric Dentistry:

Complete safety & Comfort

Pediatric Dental Sedation Dentistry is Not Just for Anxiety

All of your dental work can be done in a single visit in a safe & fun environment.

This type of dentistry is great for those who have anxiety, a low pain threshold, can’t sit still in a dentist’s chair, someone with very sensitive teeth, those with a strong gag reflex or anyone needing an extensive amount of dental work. Patients with special needs due to physical, medical, developmental or cognitive issues also need and deserve special consideration.

Experience A Visit With Us

Watch Zaiden and Mom go through an actual sedation visit

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Life Around The Office

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Meet your childs new dentist

The Dentist that other Dentists refer their patients to when they need a pediatric sedation specialist.

Ready For Your Childs Thumbs Up Picture?

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We are currently accepting new patients! So what will your child experience during their first visit to Capital Pediatric Dentistry? 

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most common questions

Is your child’s Dentist a Pediatric Specialist? Many parents take their children to the Pediatrician for their expertise and training in the treatment of children and adolescents. This is also the idea behind the Pediatric Dentist. A Pediatric Dentist has completed an additional 2-3 years of pediatric specific education beyond dental school in an officially recognized specialty program. They are the Pediatricians of Dentistry.

There is an increasing phenomenon of practices “pretending” to be specialists in Pediatric Dentistry. They are usually general dentists who have set up a business model to emphasize the treatment of children. Now, a general dentist can legally treat children usually as part of a family practice. In fact, some general dentists do a good job but the fact remains that they do not have the additional specialty training and education of a Pediatric Dentist. In California it is illegal to call oneself a Pediatric specialist if one is not but one can legally call oneself a “children’s dentist” or “kid’s dentist” even if they have no specialty training. These practices usually do not offer the full range of services that a specialty practice offers. Marketing can easily deceive the public. Don’t assume that, if a practice looks like a pediatric dental practice, that they really are specialists. The fact is you cannot tell if an office is a true specialty practice by their name or their advertisements, you must ask specific questions and do your own research.

Make sure your child’s dentist is really a specialist in Pediatric Dentistry. If you are not sure, ask. Ask specifically if the dentist is a specialist in Pediatric Dentistry. Listen for the answer. If they say, “our dentists treat children” or, “yes, we see children” or, “our practice is dedicated to treating children”, they really did not answer your question. You need to be specific and get a specific answer. A great way to determine if your dentist is a true Pediatric specialist is to search for them on the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry website ( Only specialty trained Pediatric Dentists can become Board Certified by the ABPD and only after they complete rigorous written and oral testing to prove their knowledge and expertise in the field. Now, sometimes there is a group practice that does actually have a Pediatric specialist on staff. However, is the dentist that is treating your child the specialist? It could be that most of the dentists seeing your child are actually general dentists. Ask. Your children are your greatest investment, don’t they deserve the best?

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And not to toot our own horn too much, but we are one of the few dentists in the United States to actively contribute data to the Pediatric Sedation Research Consortium (PSRC), which you can learn more about by clicking the button below.

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